Star Wars Rogue One review

Sherman Chin Dec 15, 2016 Uncategorized

Just caught the premier screening of Star Wars Rogue One and I can summarize it as follows:

“Too real for Star Wars and not enough character development”

Honestly, Star Wars The Force Awakens was better for me although admitedly,it felt like a remake of A New Hope.

I can forgive J.J. Abrams for allowing 20 spaceships to defeat an entire Starkiller which was way bigger without a battle scene to justify how they did it and showing no space fleet to protect the good guys from beinng destroyed in the same solar system. You know why? Because I actually cared about Rey.

Rey had way more character development and you felt for her – whether you hate or love her. Jyn in Rogue One is just bland. Couldn’t really care less what happens to her. Heck! Even Chirrut Imwe (Donny Yen’s character) had more emotional connection with the viewer simply because he was crazily unique and interesting. Too bad he had not much history or screen time and that says a lot when I think he has more character than Jyn. Maybe that’s the way to make the viewers accept the ending (no spoilers) because I sure did although I don’t usually like endings like that (go watch it to know what I mean).

If they put The Force Awaken’s character development with Rogue One’s storyline, it would be a killer and everyone would be in tears at the end but alas….

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